Massage Therapy is commonly used for loosening sore and tight muscles leading to a more relaxed you.  Feeling better emotionally can help your body repair itself physically. Receiving bodywork often leaves a person feeling balanced and reconnected with self.  Whether you are seeking relaxation, remediation, or holism, Massage Therapy can be very instrumental in helping you live your life well.

Other benefits to receiving a massage might be:

  • Relaxes the body
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Relieves tired and aching muscles
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Diminishes chronic pain
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers heart rate

These are the available treatments you can choose from: (note: you decide the level of undress that you are comfortable with.)

Known as the best type of relaxation massage, this therapeutic massage focuses mainly on physical and mental relaxation and will include strokes that will aid in loosening and relaxing muscle tissue over the entire body.

Deep Tissue:
The goal of a Deep Tissue Massage is to work out underlying tension through penetrating finger pressure and long, slow strokes.  Using the hand, forearm and elbow, knuckles and fist to apply the right amount of pressure, this massage targets specific trigger points with direct pressure.  A variety of stretching and range of motion techniques will be used to increase mobility and tone the muscles.

Seated Massage:
Seated Massages are so ideal.  A 15 minute massage can be very beneficial.  Proven to improve job performance by relaxing tight muscles, reducing headaches, and back strain, this massage can be done in any attire.  On-Site Seated Massage for businesses can be arranged two weeks in advance.

Muscle Release Technique sm:
Muscle Release Technique sm (MRT) successfully addresses issues concerning many soft tissue dysfunctions.  With the use of this technique, a muscle is stretched and a massage to the belly of the muscle is applied.  Many sufferers can feel relief from problems such as sore feet from Plantar Fasciitis, pain in joints, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic low back pain, migraine headaches, tendonitis, and more.

Cupping is the oldest practiced treatment in history.  Archaeologists have found evidence of cupping dating back to 1,000BC and the earliest recorded use back in 281-341AD.  Cupping pulls stagnation out of tissues and brings it to the skin level.  Suctioning the surface of the tissue creates a negative space below so underlying wastes and toxins can be moved into the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems to be flushed out from the area.  When the old is flushed away, fresh revitalized blood can take its place which re-supplies vital nutrients.  Cupping is remarkably effective on the skin and muscles, and the circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems.  Joints also benefit with increased range of motion.

Thai Massage:
Thai Massage is commonly known as “yoga massage” or I call it assisted yoga. The receiver is on a mat on the floor, clothed in loose clothing, and is completely passive throughout the session which usually lasts 90 mins, but a shortened version can be done in 60 mins. With this type of “massage”, there are no oils, lotions, and there is no rubbing of the muscles using typical strokes. Instead, the giver compresses, stretches, pulls and rocks the body in a rhythmic fashion. After receiving a Thai Massage, you will feel lighter, looser, and stretched out.

Customized Treatment:
With Continuing Education and Experience, I have learned many techniques that I can incorporate into a Bodywork session.  Whether it is stretching, using an ancient Thai Massage method, or following a trigger point to its source, I would be honored to assist your body in going beyond relaxation so you can live your life well.

Also offering Kinesio Taping & Gua Sha

Treatment Pricing: 
30 mins = $55
45 mins = $70
60 mins = $85
75 mins = $100
90 mins = $120

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