Gift Certificate

Thank you for giving the gift of vitality and tranquility through touch.

By clicking on the eGift Cards button on the right, you will be able to create a message on your digital gift, then send a massage to anyone, at any time. The link will take you to the GiftFly site where you will be directed to choose the card with the dollar amount on it. You will be asked to provide an email address, text the gift card to your recipient, or notify them via Facebook. The receiver will be able to print the eGift card off or save it in their smartphone. Do you need a smartphone to send or receive GiftFly? NO!! GiftFly can be sent from any device. There is a unique code on each eGift. eGifts do not expire!!

Please note: GiftFly does charge a small convenience fee.

This is a great way to send an eGift to someone quickly;  however I am more than happy to snail mail you, or your recipient, a gift certificate from my office.  Or if you would like to stop by 6020 S 58th Street, Suite A, you can pick one up.

With gratitude,


30 minute eGift card –     $53

45 minute eGift card –     $65

1 hour eGift card –        $80

75 minute eGift card –     $95

90 minute eGift card –     $110

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